FAQ about the Support Center

Here are a few common questions about the Support Center, along with their answers:

Q1. What kind of things can the Support Center help me with?

The Support Center can provide you with useful information and advice to help you overcome any problems or worries you might have in your daily life here, and can also get in touch with relevant specialists if required.

Q2. I can’t speak Japanese. Can I still get advice?

Yes. By using machine translation and phone interpreting services, we are able to respond to enquiries in 18 languages. For a list of available languages, please see the “How the Support Center can Help You” section.

Q3. I’m Japanese. Can I consult the Support Center about a friend of mine from overseas?

Yes. We accept enquiries from Japanese people who work with or support people from overseas.

Q4. Can I study at the tables in the Support Center?

Yes. Anyone can use the space at the Support Center for studying or intercultural exchange. However, the space is not available for use when the Support Center or the Miyazaki International Foundation are using it for their courses or events.

Q5. Can I use Wi-Fi in the communal space at the Center?

Yes, you can. You will need the “SSID(name of the network )” and ”Encryption key(password)”. Please ask the staff for these. You cannot eat in the communal space, but you can drink there.

Q6. We would like to get together with colleagues from the same country working in Miyazaki Prefecture. Is it possible to use the free space?

Yes. But please check with us in advance – sometimes the space is use to hold classes and activities. There is no charge to use the communal space.

Q7. I want to go to the counter for a consultation. Can I bring my children?

 Yes, you can consult if you come with kids. During consultation, they can play with toys in the space beside the consultation room.

Q8. Do I need to make a reservation for a consultation?

No, you don’t. You can come anytime when the center is open.

Q9.  I can’t go to the consultation counter because I am too busy with work and childcare. Can I have a consultation without going?

Yes, You can also consult with us via phone or mail, or by using the consultation form  on our webpage.

Q10.I am from Vietnam and can’t read document in Japanese from the Government. If I bring them to the Center, would you be able to tell me the meaning?

Yes, we can check them and explain using a translator or multilingual call center.